WordPress Designer/Developer Position (Full-time)

Digital Media Management based in West Hollywood is looking for an in house full-time WordPress designer/developer. Ideally, we are looking for a single candidate who can do both, but will eventually break this role into two positions.
Job Requirements:
Candidates should meet the following requirements:
  • MUST be a WordPress expert with ADVANCED knowledge of WordPress CMS
  • HTML, CSS, Java, Flash, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Finalcut Pro, etc.
  • Has produced at least 20 high-quality, fully-customized WordPress websites in the past
  • Familiar with available plugins and have experience writing and modifying plugins
  • Possess strong design aesthetic (based on examples)
  • Strong IT skills – server and network issues, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Most importantly we are looking for people who are resourceful, entrepreneurial and reliable.
To Apply:
Please email the following to careers@d-msquared.com:
1. Links to and examples of work (at least 5 examples)
2. Resume (optional, but preferred)
3. Why do you want this job? What is your current work situation?
4. If you are among the final candidates, be prepared to provide 3 references who can vouch for your work.

Web Application Developer (Server Platform)

pLocation: Anywhere (Los Angeles or San Francisco a plus) a href=”http://www.shotgunsoftware.com/”http://www.shotgunsoftware.com/a/p
divWe’re looking for a Web Application Developer and server guru to join our team.  We’re a young and growing company building software for the visual effects, feature animation, and video game industries./div
divWe have one main product called Shotgun.  It is a flexible web-based “production tracking and collaboration” application.  It is designed for everyone working in the studio across many roles and needs.  It has a customizable database, a flexible web interface, and an open API.  We provide defaults and tools, and our clients can build and evolve their own applications on top of this framework.  We are actively developing additional products we’ll be announcing soon./div
divYou’ll be working with a team of talented developers to extend, maintain, and optimize the Shotgun server-side platform. We work with an agile development process and release software every 6 weeks (patches every weekend), so the pace is very quick and iterative./div
strongAbout You/strong Here is what we are looking for:
liExperience with relational databases including profiling / optimization (Postgres preferred)/li
liExperience with one or more of Ruby (Rails helpful), Python, JavaScript in the context of building scalable applications./li
liExperience or interest in server-side JavaScript/li
liExperience or interest in NoSQL data stores/li
liFan of agile development, unit testing, refactoring/li
liIndependent, strong problem solving and communication skills/li
liExperience with working on a distributed team a plus/li
strongAbout Us/strong
divThis is a cool place to work.  Most of us are foodies, we love good wine, and we’re becoming obsessed with coffee.  We have a strict no-asshole rule, and are trying to build a dream team of people who inspire us every day./div
divWe’ll pay you what you are worth, give you lots of flexibility and challenges, and although we’re all passionate and work hard, we insist that you have a healthy work/life balance./div
divTake a look at what we’re up to here:  a href=”http://www.shotgunsoftware.com/”http://www.shotgunsoftware.com/a/div
divAnd some of our latest release videos here:a href=”http://www.youtube.com/user/shotgunsoftware”http://www.youtube.com/user/shotgunsoftware/a/div
lia href=”mailto:?subject=Shotgun%20Software%20is%20hiring%20a%20Web%20Application%20Developer%20(Server%20Platform)amp;body=Shotgun%20Software%20is%20hiring%20a%20Web%20Application%20Developer%20(Server%20Platform)%20at%20http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/8491″Tell a friend/a/li
lia href=”http://twitter.com/home?status=Shotgun%20Software%20is%20hiring%20a%20Web%20Application%20Developer%20(Server%20Platform)%20at%20http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/8491″ target=”_blank”Tweet this job/a/li
h3Apply for this position/h3
If you’re interested, send your stuff to: a href=”mailto:%6a%6f%62%73@%73%68%6f%74%67%75%6e%73%6f%66%74%77%61%72%65.%63%6f%6d”jobs@shotgunsoftware.com/a
p /p
p /p

Event: Build World Class Business Applications in Three Steps with PHP and MySQL – Saturday March 19th

LAMPsig.org Los Angeles presents:

In this presentation, the speaker will discuss the latest techniques to build business applications in three steps, using PHP. A live demonstration will be given utilizing Open Source technologies with the MySQL Database and the Apache Web Server. Whether developing small or large web applications, attendants will learn to save time, while improving productivity.

About the Speaker:
Jorge Garifuna is a Professional Web Developer with over 15 years of experience. Jorge joined LAMPsig over six years ago and has added a new spark of enthusiasm to the group. He is quick to answer mail list questions or bring up new topics of interest to LAMP developers.

1 pm to 3 pm
Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center
5213 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Gmail tips & tricks

Since we’ve proclaimed our dying love for Gmail either as a standalone personal or corporate mail server, we might as well share some of our favorite tips.

We’ve noticed that even long time users of Gmail leave it “as-is” or “stock” and haven’t applied a lot of these settings to make Gmail even better to use.

Most of these settings need to be activated in the so-called “Labs” portion under “Settings” on the top right. Labs is the tab closer to the right hand side of the screen. Note Google considers these as beta quality features but solid enough that Google would let users try them out. Make sure you save your Labs settings at the bottom of the page other wise you won’t see them.


Near the top of the Labs page is “Google Calendar gadget” so you can quickly see your upcoming events. It also allows you to type in natural language events like “have lunch with bob tomorrow at 11 am” and the system will magically create an event for you with precisely that information. It’s auto-magical.

Our favorite is “Right-side Chat” (a few items down the calendar setting) which moves the chat window to the top right corner. Normally, chat is usually hidden away at the bottom left. With this one, you’ll expand the number of columns in Gmail from two to three so the chat module isn’t hidden away at the bottom.

Be sure to also give “Tasks” a try, it doesn’t need to be activated but when you’re looking at an email, click on “More Actions” at the top and select “Add to tasks” to quickly add the message title into your Tasks list. Then click on “Tasks” right below “Contacts” under the “Mail” (below the Gmail logo) to activate the Tasks list which will appear on the bottom right of the window.

And finally if you haven’t clicked on “Priority Inbox” on the main page yet you should give it a try. It will add three levels of email sorting/ visual stacking: Priority, stars, and normal email. The only draw back that we see is there is no pagination to look at older emails unless you click on the “inbox” link for the regular view. More about Priority Inbox at Gmail blog.

And as of today, Google just announced desktop OS notifications of new incoming mail for Google Chrome users. Just go to Settings and jump to the “Desktop Notifications” area.

So there you have it, a whole slew of possibly new things to try out in Gmail and make email writing more fun and productive!

Must have extensions/plugins for Firefox

We think using the right tools can save a lot of time. In our toolkit, Firefox is our favorite web browser because it’s fast and stable. We prefer it to Internet Explorer on Windows because of the wealth of extensions aka plugins available for it.

Here’s our collection of favorite Firefox extensions aka plugins to save you a lot of time when you’re trying to collect or share information or if you happen to be the CEO and webmaster of your startup and need to fine tune and debug your home page.

So these plugins can be organized into two broad categories:  On the top of the Firefox browser toolbar are information collection and sharing . The bottom of the browser (status bar area) hold the design and development tools.

Information collection and sharing: EvernoteDeliciousGoo.gl LiteEmail ThisFox to PhoneFirefox Home
Design tools: MeasureItColorzillaScribeFireCache StatusScreengrabFiresizerFirebugY!Slow

If there was one plugin that we had to choose for each category, we’d choose Delicious for information collecting and Firebug for web design/development.

For a more detailed description of each tool, visit the full post at StartupInsider.net.

In-depth Articles for Entrepreneurs at NY Times

We just ran across a section called “Corner Office” by Adam Bryant at the New York Times. There are some really good interviews with some notable business leaders. Here are some interesting highlights…

“Say Anything but phrase it the right way” – interview with Robin Domeniconi of Elle Group
Q. How do you create a culture of openness with your staff?
A. “I’m not shy about saying to them: “I don’t understand how to do this. I have this idea. But you’ve done this before. How does this work?” And this might be with someone who works, maybe, three levels below me. It doesn’t matter. Because I know once I understand something, I can guide it. And that’s basically what my role is — to guide the ship.”

Our take away…don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know or understand or how to do this right now.” Being honest can make your colleagues and friends give you a new found sense of respect.

How to Shape the DNA of a Young Company – interview with Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove
Q. How has the culture evolved as your company has grown? How do you maintain that original DNA, as you call it?

A. “It’s a huge challenge. One point is that you always need to have everyone feel like they’re on some broader mission. In the early stages, the mission is: Are we going to survive? Is there a product? Does it work? Is anyone going to want it? Is there a market? They’re like existential questions for a business, but I think those core mission tenets remain important through that growth stage….
…The other thing is to hold onto that feeling of being a start-up, and it actually relates very deeply to how you go to the next phase of growth. Companies that figure out how to really become significant in scale reinvent themselves and create completely new things. Just as an example, a little over a year ago, we created a start-up inside the company to create new products. That was so galvanizing and so energizing, and it kind of cascaded across the company.”


Do it yourself Search Engine Optimization

What’s the best way to get traffic? It’s the old adage, lots of hard work. Simply build the best and most relevant content on your WordPress site. The second best bet is to use a search engine optimization (plugin) for WordPress that will help you fill out the required fields to get a search engine to properly crawl your site.

The third step is to get some advice and research on the best practices and what relevant keywords to use. Usually hiring an “expert” is going to easily cost you hundreds of dollars. So for many of us, we’d resort first to the Do It Yourself model.

So we were excited when we heard the team that brought us StudioPress and the Genesis theme framework recently introduced Scribe, which is a self service Search Engine Optimization (SEO) web app with a complementary WordPress plugin.

Read the full article at WP Verse…