If you’re looking for a quick way to set up a web based discussion micro site (or light intranet) and avoid having a huge email message thread, you might want to check out Brizzly. Originally designed to be a Twitter and Facebook reader, Brizzly was bought by AOL last September. By no major stretch is it even even close to Basecamp in terms of features, but the simplicity and tab layout reminds me a tiny bit of Basecamp.

I also like that it’s easy to signup for an account, it just requires user name, email, and password. Isn’t the concept of quick signups aka onboarding great?

Once the site is setup and out of the box, it’s a little too cute with your Hello Kitty avatar and background colors. Luckily you can swap out your photo quickly. Each project / discussion thread is called a Picnic. Each project (picnic) remains private until you invite people too it via email addresses.

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