We think using the right tools can save a lot of time. In our toolkit, Firefox is our favorite web browser because it’s fast and stable. We prefer it to Internet Explorer on Windows because of the wealth of extensions aka plugins available for it.

Here’s our collection of favorite Firefox extensions aka plugins to save you a lot of time when you’re trying to collect or share information or if you happen to be the CEO and webmaster of your startup and need to fine tune and debug your home page.

So these plugins can be organized into two broad categories:  On the top of the Firefox browser toolbar are information collection and sharing . The bottom of the browser (status bar area) hold the design and development tools.

Information collection and sharing: EvernoteDeliciousGoo.gl LiteEmail ThisFox to PhoneFirefox Home
Design tools: MeasureItColorzillaScribeFireCache StatusScreengrabFiresizerFirebugY!Slow

If there was one plugin that we had to choose for each category, we’d choose Delicious for information collecting and Firebug for web design/development.

For a more detailed description of each tool, visit the full post at StartupInsider.net.